When talking to the Portland cheerleaders at MTV, Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy spills some details on their upcoming record:

"It's like I'm just writing what I'm writing right now, and it's trending towards kind of 'mossy and evil' a little bit. That's how I would describe it: mossy and evil," he laughed. "And I think the more mossy and the more evil, the better, at this point."

Could he mention the mossy and evil thing again? I didn't really get it the first three times.

"We're doing a lot of stuff. We did about a week and a half in March, just kinda recording some odds and ends that I think we're gonna do something with in the fall, as like a little tide-the-fans-over kind of thing, because we realize it's been awhile since we put out a record," he said. "But I've demoed a lot of stuff for what will be the next proper Decemberists record, and we are going into the studio on the 28th of July to start work on that."

The album will not be produced by longtime knob-twirler (and DCFC axeman) Chris Walla, instead the band is using the skills of Tucker Martine (who has worked with the likes of Thao, The Long Winters, Mudhoney, and tons more) to record the album, which I heard will be both mossy, and evil.