Yesterday I spoke with David Frederickson of the Prids. Following their horrific van accident, and extended hospitalization, the band was preparing to depart Fresno, CA, and finally return home.

Understandably the band is quite shaken up, but for a guy with a broken collar bone, four broken ribs, and a half-dozen staples in his head, Frederickson was in good spirits. It's also pretty scary to think that their accident occurred exactly five years to the very day of the Exploding Hearts fatal crash.

It goes without saying that the band is in financial ruin from the medical treatment alone (not to mention the totaled van and destroyed equipment), so in addition to accepting PayPal donations there will be some much-needed Prids benefits in the coming months. The first of which is happening this Sunday at Plan B (SE 8th and Main, the old Acme space) as part of their "Hive" goth/industrial night. 100% of the proceeds will go to the band. Once there is more news of benefits, we'll post it here.

Photo: Alicia J. Rose.