(East End, 203 SE Grand) Released on the cusp of the Reagan years, the film Over the Edge perfectly captured the height of suburban white flight ("Welcome to New Granada, where people come to escape city life") combined with some (unintentionally hilarious) moments of teenage boredom turned violent. The gents in local band Drats!!! love the film (they also love exclamation marks!!!) so much that they've penned an entire rock operetta in its honor, which they will be performing in its entirety tonight. Titled Welcome to New Granada, the operetta features the loose garage rock of the band as they tell the story of a little town gone horribly wrong. And if you need help keeping up with the story, the band will provide programs-but keep in mind the only thing you need to remember from the film is the timeless line: "A kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid." And don't you forget it. EAC


Drats!!! - "Claude's Trip"