Broadcast out of Providence, RI, Phoning It In is a radio program where select artists are dialed up, briefly interviewed, and then give intimate concerts via the telephone. It's an interesting concept (like Black Cab Sessions, but stationary!), and the site has opened their archives to the public for your streaming/downloading pleasure.

The program is quite fond of Portland music and their archives (which date back to 2005) feature a slew of local acts, including: Nire, Scout Niblett, Tara Jane O'Neil, Kind of Like Spitting, Watery Graves, Ross Beach, Jeff London & Corrina Repp, Sarah Dougher, and Thanksgiving.

The interviews themselves tend to be very awkward in a college radio sort of way ("um, um, um"), but there is just something terribly charming in hearing a performer--out of their proper element--singing their heart out into a phone's receiver. Below is Laura Veirs, live from a New York hotel room.


Laura Veirs - Phoning It In Session (05/22/08)