The first cassette I ever bought was Wu-Tang's "C.R.E.A.M." cassingle. My first CD was Shai's If I Ever Fall in Love. My first record? Start Today by the almighty Gorilla Biscuits.

Back when I was young and drug-free (emphasis on the young part in that last sentence), Start Today would have landed as one of my favorite records of all time. It was hardcore I could get behind: the music was aggressive without being meat-headed, the songs had a message without ever getting preachy, but above all else, the record was just fun. It was (like most hardcore) about the camaraderie of going to shows with your friends, about being yourself, and about not getting sucked into suburban life. And, okay, yeah, it was about not doing drugs. For a young impressionable kid like myself, it spoke volumes. Granted, we all grow up and get embarrassed by our Straight Edge past, but I still love this record, even if it's only for the nostalgia factor.

The band is playing shows again! It was announced today they'll be playing the Lisk Fest in California in October. Yes, that is a terrible lineup (the Aquabats are still a band?!), but it's the Gorilla Biscuits! Seeing as how I'm going to be seeing the My Bloody Valentine reunion a few days prior to this, if I can catch this show as well both my fifteen year old mind and my nineteen year old mind are going to be blown. I couldn't think of a better way to bookend a vacation. Now if only that Jawbreaker reunion goes down!