We have few rules here at End Hits:
Don't let Rob write about Morrissey.
Don't let Andrew drink Zima and drunkenly blog.
And, most importantly, no ska. Ever.

Yet here we are.

Slapstick was the ska (*cough, technically, ska-core, cough*) forefathers of Alkaline Trio. In honor of that band falling the fuck off, it's fair to examine their rude boy roots.

Somehow more tolerable than most ska acts, Slapstick were reckless enough to woo the punk kids, had enough horns for the skankers, and were respectable enough for me not to feel (that much) shame for still owning their out-of-print Lookit debut. They only lasted a few years (before splitting into a ton of bands, including Lawrence Arms and the aforementioned Alkaline Trio), which most likely adds to their mystique.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that if Reel Big Fish had broken up in the mid-'90s they'd be any better... although it would have made the world a much better place.


Slapstick - "Nate B."