OK, quick post from Bryant Park in NY.

It's fucking beautiful here, outside in the sunshine. This is the way to work... that is, only if you've got to.

The whole scene is made all the more beautiful by the fact that I am finally free from two days of airline and airport purgatory. Missed flights, thunderstorms, bumps, arguments, and more missed flights. But for all the troubles, things actually worked out for the best. I got stranded in L.A. for a night and was fortunate enough to see two shows.

First was Mt. Egypt, who played at a surf shop with the talented young kids from Simon Dawes backing. Killer mellow, life-affirming stuff. Check out this older track, "Can You Feel The Wind"

Later that night it was Rumspringa at a warehouse. This felt real, real good at the time. Some of the best live-looping I've ever seen, especially when the duo branched out from blues rock into stranger scapes and Arabian scales. It isn't coming across nearly as well in the recordings...

Oh, and finally, a sweet story about a musician doing his tour via canoe down the Erie Canal--all 500 some-odd miles of it. That's right, Fuck You Gas Prices!