Birthed in the confusing word of Boy Gorilla Records (to best understand this weird little community just assume that everyone involved is much younger than you and plays in about a dozen bands, all of which are pretty great) Doubledutch is made up of Dhani Rosa (Eskimo and Sons) and Jordan Bagnall (Typhoon). The downright adorable duo are prepping the release of their oddly-titled debut, Gungle Dungn, which will be celebrated by an August 21st release show at Holocene.

"Sugar" definitely has an early Mates of State feel to it--with the humming keyboard line and soft vocals--but with a bit less pep. The album is loaded with inventive pop music, proof that this city's pop exports are boundless in both ambition and energy. It's enough to forgive Bagnall Rosa for rocking that ridiculous thin headband in their promo photos. You can pour all the milk you want, buddy, but get that goddamn thing off your head. History will not be kind to the headband. Unless you are Sitting Bull. Or Jim McMahon.


Doubledutch - "Sugar"