Oh crap, the secret is out. Those ace reporters at NME (Remember when they said Gay Dad would be the biggest band ever? That was fun.) have giving the thumbs up to the music of our country. Fucking finally! New Bands Editor (what kind of wanky title is that?) Alex Miller speaks:

"Right now I can barely go a day without coming across a new genius band from the States. While the art scene of Brooklyn or the punks of LA are keeping the underground fascinating, the ceaseless ambitions of Lil Wayne and the Kings Of Leon are making the Chili Pepper and Fiddy Cent cliches of the mainstream redundant. If only it wasn't so bloody hard to get a green card!"

Oh, hilarious. Of the Top 25 bands in America, naturally Vampire Weekend is number one (brilliant!), Lil Wayne is number two (he's no Vampire Weekend), and coming in third is Portland's very own Glass Candy. Hey, not bad. I kind of expected them to list Vampire Weekend as number three as well. They are just that good.