Jon Ragel, the drum machine chowing lone member of Boy Eats Drum Machine, is taking part in the Wonder Ballroom's "The Cure vs Talking Heads Tribute Night" on August 16th. But instead of just wearing a giant suit (David Byrne) or dressing up like a menopausal woman with bad makeup and hair (Robert Smith), Ragel has formed an all-star band to create what he calls "Live Mashups."

Myself (vox/turntable), Dave Allen (bass), Benjy Rickard (guitar/synth), and Paul Alcott (drums) will be tweaking Talking Heads and Cure songs over the grooves of Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, and Gang Of Four.

This sounds like a great idea and a welcome change from the usual tribute night. In fact, it sounds better than anything on No Talking, Just Head from the Heads. Have a listen.


"Live Mash 1" (feat. Aaliyah, Talking Heads, Van Halen, Cure)