At last night's Tu Fawning show talk turned to Shia LaBeouf (as it often does at shows) and how the douchebag who is seemingly in every movie these days talented actor is trying to make a movie based on backpack hiphop artist Cage. Much like many a bad-dad-emo-band, Cage is a bit of a one trick pony--that "trick" being his ridiculous tales of his junkie dad and his painful upbringing--but evidently this steez works for LaBeouf, who, as of last update, was delayed on the project due to the writer's strike. And this probably doesn't help things as well.

But if there is one Cage song that stands apart it's the morbid "Ballad of Worms" which puts to use a sprawling Built to Spill sample (from "I Would Hurt a Fly"), which somehow works in this barren tale of his lover's slow death from meningitis. It's quite graphic ("To numb to cum, sometimes she piss while I eat her"), but at its core the song does a fine job of balancing the heavy subject matter with a sample that utilizes Doug Martsch's trademark voice and guitar wankery.

"My crib's designed to keep the light out cause she can't lift the blinds/Drifting behind, I'll be outta friends soon/Nobody visits the guy that keeps the body in his bedroom"


Cage - "Ballad of Worns"