We haven't written too much about sorta local, sorta famous, duo She & Him. Made up of M.Ward (him) and Zooey Deschanel (she), the duo released Volume One, a surprisingly strong debut that proved that Ward has a bit of a golden touch and Deschanel can actually sing, and not in that way Scarlett Johansson can kind of sing. She brings it.

The duo performed at the Newport Folk Festival (they went electric, despite Pete Seeger threatening to hack them to death with an axe) this past Friday and their excellent performance was documented by NPR for the streaming and Aquarium Drunkard for the downloading. Now all Deschanel needs to do is write a song apologizing for The Happening.


She & Him - "I Was Made For You"

Photo courtesy of NPR. Link courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard. I'm courtesy of my parent's love.