(Crown Room, 205 NW 4th) If you know anything at all about dubstep, it's probably because of Skream (Ollie Jones). Just as UK garage was shedding some of its layers to make way for a more stripped-down bass sound, Skream's "Midnight Request Line" became an instant anthem, quickly crossing over genre lines and netting the attention of the mainstream who had to hear more. Jones was steeped in the culture of sub-bass before it went big, working at Big Apple Records in South London, the epicenter of the yet-to-be-discovered dubstep world. He made a quick transition to internationally known producer, DJ, remixer, collaborator, and radio show host on London's popular Rinse FM, all while still a teenager. Now just 21 years old, Skream is the number one name in dubstep. That he is playing in Portland goes to show the scene has exploded-not only across the UK, but here in the Northwest, too. AVA HEGEDUS


Skream - "Midnight Request Line"