I had no idea Crocodiles were playing in town until about 3 minutes ago. All I do is stare at local music calendars--and Punky Brewster fan fiction--all day long, how did I miss this?


The band, which I have absolutely no music from (other than the above YouTube clip), will be given the golden star of approval solely based on their previous acts, the unfuckwithable the Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and the sadly underrated the Prayers. The quality of their skewed punk rock--in both the abrasive dude-on-dude confrontation of TPTBUTET and the retro working class art-rock of the Prayers--always translates well to the live setting, so prepare for some madness tonight.

Look for me, I'll be wearing pigtails. Punky style.

Crocodiles perform at the Tube (18 NW 3rd) tonight.