Louie and Terry @ Slabtown, August 8th 2008

Curiosity prevailed Friday and I went to Slabtown to see King Louie and Terry. The two performed by themselves, wisely refusing to inject any new blood or reinterpret the now legendary Exploding Hearts.

Louie handled most of the singing with Terry on lead guitar and backups. His solo's were note for note matches of the recordings--and, as they were perfect then, there was no need to mix anything up now. The duo began with the Hearts' lead single, "I'm a Pretender" and the crowd sang along.

Things were emotional, and while Louie did a little bit of drunken rambling, most feelings regarding the tragic demise of one of Portland's most promising bands were left unsaid. Certainly you could feel them though. And really, at this point, what do you say?

Perhaps because everyone knew them so well--or just because of the compositional strength--the Hearts' songs held up well with just two guitars. They played "Rumors in Town" and I don't remember what else. At one point, in the middle of a song, Terry whispered something to Louie and the set seemed to then cut short. Perhaps things were a little too much to handle. Perhaps four songs was all they planned to do. It's hard to say.

Louie closed things out, singing a string of "Hallelujah's," and (I don't remember the words exactly) "I am a part of the band."

After the song he added: "Me and Terry are a part of the best fucking band ever!" Just like the band, the night's set was over too quickly. But it was a special thing to have been a part of, no matter the circumstances.


Last night, Sunday, I saw a sweet little show outside at the Skidmore Bluffs: Mikah Sykes, Ohian and Letters, from Olympia. There a few better places to see a show on a Sunday night than the beautiful bluffs. So peaceful...

Letters were especially sweet and quintessentially Olympian--full of quirks and charming, nerdy, life-affirming goodness. The show was the first of their west coast tour. Check dates on their site, and listen to "Marie Hayes."