Darfur = bad.
Shins = good.

Now that the math is done, it's time to talk about Causes 1. This Waxploitation release (it came out late last year, but it seems that only recently has it been given a second publicity push) features new/rare/exclusive songs from the likes of The Cure, Animal Collective, Spoon, Cornelius, and more. Included in this is a tasteful remix of the Shins' "Turn On Me" as done by former Pop Will Eat Itself frontman Clint Mansell.


The Shins - "Turn On Me" (Clint Mansell Remix)

Causes 1, which kicks off a series of similar benefit releases, gives 100% of proceeds to a trifecta of relief organizations--Human Rights Watch, Oxfam America, Doctors Without Borders--involved in the humanitarian nightmare still going on in Darfur region of Sudan.