It's a little ironic that when the dust settles after all of Mos Def's recordings, movies, and television work (he was in an episode of Spin City!), that he might be best known for "Bin Laden."

One of many political hiphop tracks to drop in the wake of 9/11 and the Iraqi war, the collaboration between Immortal Technique (who, as expected, is the driving voice behind the song), Mos Def, and DJ Green Lantern (plus a phoned-in verse from Eminem) is centered about a Jadakiss sample (from "Why?") and the accusation that the Bush administration was behind the fall of the twin towers in one way or the other. I usually loathe a 9/11 conspiracy--THE JEWS DID IT--but along with Dead Prez's "Know Your Enemy" ("Know your enemy, know yourself/That's the politic/George Bush is way worse than Bin Laden is"), and perhaps even the aforementioned Jadakiss track (although, really, it's all about that Kobe line: "Why did Kobe have to hit that raw?"), this song still resonates today.

Mos Def performs at the Roseland tonight.