My job is great. I get to listen to music all day and get paid money to write about it. My dog comes with me to work. I pretty much set my own hours and oftentimes I drink (heavily) while on the clock.

But today, I'm just burned out. My head hurts. It's hot outside. It's hotter inside. Plus all my playlist favorites that I go back to on days like this (mostly just violent rap, bedwetting emo bands, and forgotten alt-rock acts of the mid-'90s) just aren't doing the trick.

Time to break out the big guns:

If any moment of my life could be as innocent and joyous as the frolicking, footsie-playing, Turtles, then I would die a happy man. This is like catnip for me. I can just stare at this oddly hypnotic video all day long and just smile.