Laura K. Newman (LKN) is about to release a new EP entitled the Phratry EP, which is a fitting title considering it will be released on Cincinnati label Phratry Records. Phratry? What does that mean? Let's look it up together:

1. a subdivision of an ancient Greek tribe or phyle.
2. a clan or other unit of a primitive tribe.

End Hits: Fun and education.

Moving on, the eight song EP (technically seven, since the opener which is more of a skit) features Newman absolutely brutalizing her poor poor guitar. It's a filthy mix of hard rock drumming, breathy Kim Gordon vocals, and enough shredding axemanship to put Yngwie Malmsteen to shame. Sorry, that's Yngwie Fucking Malmsteen, my mistake. But Newman might disagree, here's what her blog says about the EP:

The songs of the Phratry EP were tracked and mixed at home on entry level sub par audio recording gear. However, I had at my disposal a great sounding room, my beloved 'frankenstein' drumkit, my EGC custom guitar, a little 15 watt fender amp, the radness of the 1204 console and the Kramer bass. The 9 track EP is humble and 'crunchy'.

In the future I plan to deliver better material.

Way to sell it. The EP will be available exclusively with the vinyl re-release of her 2007 album Postulate II, and will be out on the 28th of this month. You can order it here.

LKN - "Premonition"