Deep in the lost tape vault at MTV (right next to that graphic Kurt Loder sex tape), a copy of Sunny Day Real Estate performing on 120 Minutes has been unearthed and posted (yet non-embedded) for the masses. Well, not really "the masses" per se, just me and my emo friends. Friends? Okay, fine, just me. No one else in the world likes this but me.

Anyone know if this was in the Lewis Largent, or Kennedy, period of 120? Please don't say Matt Pinfield. While some of it is already available, I'm hoping MTV posts all the live archival footage from that era, since I recall there being some pretty memorable live performances (Paul Westerberg, Swervedriver, PJ Harvey, and more) around the same time.

Oh, and of course, Therapy? too. Short haired alt-metal and a poem by A. A. Milne? I am not ashamed to like this.