Woo? Wu!! We've got a sweet pair of tickets to giveaway to see GZA next Monday, August 25th, at Berbati's Pan. The Genius is rolling through town with a new disc under his belt--the gritty Pro Tools which holds down the classic Wu style you've come to expect, alongside all the prerequisites (50 Cent diss track? Check!) of a modern hiphop banger.

But come Monday, GZA will be sharpening his rhyming skills by performing his masterwork, 1995's Liquid Swords, in its entirety. Arguably (although this is a good debate) the greatest solo album to fall from the Wu family tree (it sure beats U-God's Mr. Xcitement), Liquid Swords has aged gracefully over the years and should be considered one of East Coast hiphop's landmark releases. Plus, anytime a Wu member comes to town (Berbati's, specifically) who knows if ODB's (Vancouver-based) extended family will once again roll down and take the stage.

Enough already. Let's giveaway those tickets. To win two tickets to see GZA all you have to do is comment below and explain why you (and no one else) deserve to take home this prize. Are you the biggest GZA fan ever? Did Liquid Swords change your life? Want to send a photo of your Wu Tang logo (riding a dolphin) ankle tattoo? Or perhaps you should share that erotic Raekwon/Masta Killa slash fiction you've been working? And if all those things don't work out, just plea your case. Sob stories welcome.

The contest ends Friday at 9am, so good luck.


GZA - "Liquid Swords"