The lunar eclipse of metal shows is happening tonight at Satyricon: two bands with "anal" in the title are on the same bill. So, in honor of this rare occasion, I want to know who is your vote for the Most Metal Band With Anal in the Title playing tonight.

First up, Anal Cunt with their #1 smash hit song "Hitler Was a Sensitive Man."

And now, we have Anal Blast playing "Bloody Hole," the title of which, I assure you, is not lost on me.

Wow, that's a tough choice. Personally, I'm more of an Anal Stench man myself, but if I was forced to choose between these two, I think I'd take Anal Blast, if only for the reason that the Encycolpaedia Metallum has one of their lyrical themes listed as "menstruation." Yeah, that's pretty damn metal.