Yes! Man Man are bringing their freak show to Portland tonight! You can read what I wrote about them for the paper this week here, but really, if that clip above of them performing "Black Mission Goggles" doesn't sell you on the greatness of this band, nothing probably will.

I cannot recommend going to this show enough. I really like their records, but seeing Man Man live is just a whole different beast. Everyone writhes, wiggles, and shakes their way through each track, and, needless to say, the end result is always a fucked up dance party. This band is sheer kinetic energy, and it's hard not to get caught right up in the middle of it all.

Plus, seeing a mustache of that caliber in person is worth the trip and door price alone.

Man Man play the Hawthorne Theater tonight with Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band and Mimicking Birds. 8pm. All Ages. $15.