Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you collect those free sponges. And remember, do not ring the doorbell ("NO ONE WILL ANSWER") and if you think about taking that stick on the porch, please don't ("It is our families marshmallow roasting stick").

Blue collar through and through, Old Growth are the working man's rock and roll band. Just look at the photo above, they are literally blowing that poor kid's fragile mind. Good thing he is wearing a helmet.

Old Growth - "Wasted The Day"

The long and winding road of A.A. Bondy: From the grungey radio rock of Verbena to the gentle strum of his solo material, there truly is hope for all alt-rock singers out there. Except you Weiland, you're fucked.

A.A. Bondy - "There's A Reason"

!!! (or as I prefer to call them, Pug Pug Pug) celebrate a decade of thick funk grooves, live show heroics, and having a band name that is impossible to Google.

!!! - "Myth Takes"

Fancy your psychedelic music with a hefty dollop of elevated escapism? Yeah, me too. Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound specializes in just that. I'd write more but I'm on my way to Burning Man right now...
Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - Live in San Francisco

In this week's music columns Cary talks about the teenage power of Southern Belle, while I conduct an exit interview with departing DJ Joee Irwin.