The goofy--yet incredibly catchy--local trio Mean Jeans (it sure beats this band name) have completed a new video for the sloppy garage jam, "Stoned 2 the Bone." With a title like that, lord only knows what deep subject matter the song addresses: Osteoporosis? The Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network within the World Bank? Pizza, skate ramps, and wacky sunglasses?

Probably the last one.
Also, doesn't this video (unintentionally) look like it was made in 1986?

Anyway, Seattle's Rehab Records will be releasing the seven-inch version of the song and PDX's very own Green Noise Records (owned by the global conglomerate Dirtnap Records) will be unleashing their "Bogus Memories" seven-inch in a few months as well. Nothing bogus about that.