Bradford Says: "I have NOTHING to do with this post! Furthermore, Tonry is an IDIOT!"

I've got a lot to say about Deerhunter and their performance last Thursday at Musicfest NW (and as it were, last year's as well), but I'm just not in the mood to kick off a shit-storm--after all, it's only Monday.

So what I'll do is simply pass along this thing as news: Deerhunter released a cover/re-mix of Parenthetical Girls' "Gut Symmetry." Cover in that Deerhunter does the music, re-mix in that Girls singer Zac Pennington's vocals remain.

Wonder if the two bands got together at any point this weekend. Perhaps Bradford Cox stuck around to see the debut of the Girls new album Entanglements last night at TBA? I wont lie: I wanted to but after a weekend of Musicfest, a wedding and hosting out of town guests, Sunday night was good for nothing but laying around. Fop! Strange, strange choice of dates for a album release party, I'd say.

So sometimes your eyes stare at the the computer screen for days. Sometimes they play tricks on you. Sometimes you're just a damn fool and not paying attention. Whatever the case--and I'm sure Zac Pennington of the Parenthetical Girls would tell you it's the latter--I saw "Deerhunter" but it was actually "DeerHOOF."

So there you go. It's DeerHOOF remixing/covering the Parenthetical Girls' "Gut Symmetry."

Anyway, here's the track: