People in Portland are generous, and people in Portland drink a lot of beer. Here's an opportunity for you to help out a local band that combines both these pastimes! Our good friend Aaron Beam is a member of the talented and popular metal rock outfit, Red Fang, and they're shooting a music video which apparently needs cans -- A LOT OF CANS. Here's the email I received:

I know you may not drink beer, and even if you do, you may not drink it in cans. But you live in Portland, so I have a feeling that you know someone who does. And I need every single empty beer can I can get my hands on. So please, do NOT recycle your cans this week! Or next week! I will come collect them from you, and you can rest assured that they will be recycled after we are finished using them. I am not trying to stockpile aluminum. We need them for a music video which will involve LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of cans. PLEASE forward this email to people you know who have cans and have them contact me!

Sure, the guy with the shopping cart who raids my bin every week might be a bit peeved, but I'm going to help Aaron and Red Fang out. GOT ANY CANS? EMAIL AARON HERE!