I thought the most interesting thing about June's Kanye West show at the Rose Garden--besides the part where he tells his ship's female robot computer that he wants some pussy, which was moments before the hologramed lesbianism kicked-in--was the man's backing band. They weren't particularly well-featured, buried in the front of the orchestra pit and seldom graced by the roving spotlight, but the percussion-heavy band added quite a bit of importance to Kanye's flow.

Last night at the VMAs when Kanye dropped his new single, the soulful and auto-tune friendly "Love Lockdown," he utilizes (what I presume is the same) backing band which provides the thumping beat for the live version of the song. No telling if they'll be featured when it's released as a digital single (which should be soon), but given how stale the song would be without them, it might be a good idea.