Frightened Rabbit released quite possibly my favorite record of the year in The Midnight Organ Fight, which is why the news that they'll be releasing Liver! Lung! FR!, a brand spanking new live (and mostly acoustic) album of the Midnight tracks (in order, no less) has me ready to just about pee my pants.

Oh, is that enough sad Scottish music for you? Well, looks like James Graham of The Twilight Sad (who, consequently, were responsible for one of my favorite albums of last year) will be guesting a bit on vocal duties.

And as if that wasn't enough good news to go around, Frightened Rabbit will be visiting Portland again real soon, playing Holocene on October 30th. You can bet they will, just like last time through, play pretty much track off The Midnight Organ Fight, and it will be good.

I think I may go cry (out of happiness or sadness-overload, I'm not sure) now.