These days it seems like everyone and their kid sister are giddy about the self-titled debut album from Starfucker, which is due out a week from today. But why wait seven days when you can have the bouncy low-fi Starfucker goodness in your hands right now?

The End Hits "Prize Patrol" is prepared to show up at your door with the following amazing package:

- One copy of Starfucker's self-titled debut on 12" LP (fancy white vinyl).
- One copy of Starfucker's self-titled debut on CD (shiny metallic plastic).
- Not one, but two, Starfucker posters.
- You and a guest on the list for Starfucker's CD release show this Thursday at the Doug Fir. Choose between the 5pm all-age show (the first ever for a local band at the Doug Fir) or the 9pm late show.
- Ed McMahon presents you with an oversized foam check for $20 million dollars. He'll also have balloons.

Wow. All you have to do to win this glorious package of awesomeness is answer the following question below in the comments section:

Which star would you fuck, and why?

There are so many options to choose from: Celebrity, athlete, Star Jones, a certain local music writer whose mother says he's very handsome (I'm talking about Casey at the WW. Not me. I'm hideous.)

Submit your answers by tomorrow at 2pm, and the winning entry will be voted on an all-star panel of celebrity judges (um, most likely just myself and whoever is standing nearest my desk tomorrow at 2pm). Good luck.


Starfucker - Pop Song