Photo by Lance Mercer

I want to tell you about the Girls show tonight. No, not Girls from San Francisco... I am talking about THE Girls.

No, not THOSE The Girls. (God, those The Girls are dreadful.) I mean the other The Girls, the GOOD The Girls... confused yet? I'm talking about the punky new wave band from Seattle. Their brand new album Yes No Yes No Yes No just came out yesterday on Dirtnap Records, and it's a tightly coiled, ecstatically hyper 10 songs of fun.

Like this one!

VIDEO: The Girls - "You and a Chair" (AKA "Fixing the Chairs")

The Girls are playing tonight with a bunch of other bands, including the Mint Chicks, the Leaders, and the Hollow Points, at East End. Should be a bouncing, glamming, popping good time.