Okay, now this is getting ridiculous. First Starfucker, then CSS, and now a chance to win tickets to see Okkervil River this Friday at the Crystal Ballroom? Who did End Hits have to sleep with in order to get all these free tickets? Well, a lot of people. A lot. We were young and we needed the money tickets, and besides, after a few shots of peppermint schnapps, we'll sleep with just about anyone.

Anyway, on to Okkervil River. God, what is left to say about the Austin band that is on a staggering roll of releases--the latest being the untouchable The Stand-Ins, the follow-up to last year's The Stage Names--and is unquestionably the favorite band of 50% of this blog's staff? (Rob and myself are the fans. Andrew and Ned listen to nothing but crap as far as we are concerned.) Singer Will Sheff has established himself as one of the truly great songwriters of our generation, a Dylanistic talent whose vivid prose is the foundation for Okkervil's gorgeous sound.

Enough glowing praise--jeez, get a room already--let's giveaway some tickets: We are parting with not one, but two, pairs of tickets to see Okkervil River this Friday evening at the Crystal Ballroom. To win your way into this sure-to-be-amazing show, just post your favorite Will Sheff lyrics below, and maybe why they you chose them. The best two entries by Thursday at 1pm will win a pair of tickets and become the envy of all their friends.


Okkervil River - "Starry Stairs"