Word around the local music water cooler is that Casey Dienel (aka White Hinterland) has officially relocated to Portland. While I'm no expert, I'm pretty sure she is the first musician to ever move here (ever!), so it would be downright un-neighborly if we didn't post her recent Daytrotter session.

Plus Sean Moeller of Daytrotter used to write for us, but he no longer does now that he is too busy counting all that money that comes with giving away music for free online. Enjoy your ivory tower, you capitalist swine.

Um, anyway, back to the White Hinterland songs; as expected, they are gorgeous. Dienel's voice is the centerpiece of the recording session, a raw and passionate delivery that works best when it's left to resonate without a bevy of instrumentation. It's just downright gorgeous.


White Hinterland - "Hung Like A Thin Thread"

White Hinterland performs a week from today (the 25th) at Holocene w/ Musee Mechanique (CD release!) and The Old Believers.