Sad news, campers, local inide-pop specialists Pseudosix have called it a day. Their final show was earlier this month opening for Nada Surf, as part of MFNW, and now the band has decided to hang it up for good.

The End Hits news desk dropped a line to frontman Tim Perry, who confirmed the rumors: "It is true. Pseudosix is no more." He also adds that "Creatively speaking I was ready to move on," and spills some details on his new project, one that features "lots of vocals, harmonies and rounds." Not sure what "rounds" are, but it sounds promising, and we'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, let's listen and pay our respect to the mighty Pseudosix.


Pseudosix - "Fight or Flight"

Pseudosix - "Under The Waves"

Pseudosix - "Serious Alchemist"