Finally, the Decemberists and Bill Bellamy were together in the same room. I sense a collaboration is in the works.

Local top-of-the-heap popsters the Decemberists are here to tell you that winter is rapidly approaching and now is a great time to contact your local Chimbley Sweep the tale of Valerie Plame. The outed spy who was at the heart of the "weapons of mass destruction" debacle--the one that introduced the world to Scooter Libby and made us all realize that our Vice President is a snitch--makes a pretty nifty song subject, complete with the "Hey Jude"-ish harmonies at the end.

Oh, and Robert Novack can suck it.

The Decemberists - "Valerie Plame"

"Valerie Plame" is the lead song from the band's new EP, Always The Bridesmaid: Volume I, due out on LP from local label Jealous Butcher, or digitally on Capitol, two weeks from today. Two additional EPs (Volume II and Volume III) will follow in November and December.