Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you get your Cambodian divorce. I can't believe he took the left side of the house, everyone knows all the good stuff was in the right side.

Sound artist, and JVC ghetto blaster lobbyist, Chad VanGaalen chats about his desire to stay in the basement and keeping making his music stranger and stranger.

Chad VanGaalen - "Phantom Anthills"

Despite the advice of the animated space creature, Kang ("Go ahead! Throw your vote away!"), there is reason to vote for a third party: Murs and his new album, Murs For President. It's good and all, but I'm still voting for Obama. Sorry, Murs. Maybe if you got a Palin-esque hypewoman to back you up?

Murs - "I'm Innocent"

Grails turn up the volume, and the horror, with their latest, Doomsdayer's Holiday. Don't believe me? Then watch this (NSFW) video.

Grails - "Reincarnation Blues"

The evolution, and controversy, of Nachtmystium. What? Another metal article? Since when did we turn into Hit Parader?

Nachtmystium - "Worldfall" (unmastered version)

Hold your jets, mister, we're are not finished. In this week's music columns, Cary talks about the importance of the all-age haven that is the Artistery, while I chat with Loch Lomond about their new album.