Jesus. We thought it was fun at the time but that party you had at Chopsticks REALLY SUCKED!

And although the economy would be a convenient culprit to blame for the shitty gifts I gave Ezra on his 30th (a Joey Laurence CD, XXL Top Dawg T-shirt, Pat Robertson spoken word tapes and a tool catalog), the Birdman is here to say otherwise.

Dude gave Lil' Wayne a Louis Vuitton briefcase filled with $1 million bucks. Cash.

But then again, you think about it, a milli is the least Birdman could do for Weezy, considering all the bucks Wayne has raked in as perhaps the only viable rapper left on Cash Money Records. And lest we forget about all the songs Wayne has penned for his Daddy. Jesus, it continues! You think Birdman's last hit, "I Run This Bitch," would've been in radio rotation without Wayne? Nawwww...

So, Daddy, when Christmas rolls around you'd better up your game and buy Wayne and Island.

Oh, and I just found this, which is just very confusing: