Look at old John Darnielle, getting all evil and awesome and shit. The photo you're looking at above is for the new Satanic Messiah EP from the Mountain Goats, a four song affair that includes quite possibly the greatest titled song of the year, "Wizard Buys a Hat."

This double seven inch record is limited the devilish quantity of 666, and is only available at upcoming Mountain Goats shows. However, fear not dear believers, for the tracks are currently available to download at Satanicmessiah.com. Straight from the site:

All files are available at no cost to the listener; you need not give us your email address or anything. Donations, however, through either PayPal or Google Checkout, are greatly appreciated, and, lest there be any question, are earnestly desired; neither the recording nor the mastering were free, and this site exists as something of an experiment. If you choose to accept these songs, please stop by the collection plate and sow your faith-seed, which, like a grain of mustard, et cetera.

Yeah, that's right, you can download the four tracks right now, for free if you want. However, might I suggest donating $6.66 (which is the "devotee level" according to the site), because if you're going to praise the Dark Master, you might as well go all in.


The Mountain Goats - "Wizard Buys a Hat"