el Guincho's album Alegranza! comes out in the US today. The record was released in el Guincho's native Barcelona back in March and now it's ready for the world. And hot damn, Alegranza! sure looks fit for consumption.

I just discovered Guinch-dog (AKA Pablo Diaz-Reixa) and shall refrain from writing much more until I get a better understanding (and hear a few more tracks), but shit, I just want to crank the thing up and bounce around. Would've been nice to have this record for summer, but hey, maybe the tropical party whoosh will perk up the coming grey days.

Check this shit out.

Listen: el Guincho - "Palmitos Park":

For more, visit Guincho's myspace page.

Oh! And dude will be here in Portland at the Holocene on November 23rd.