Love is Overtaking Me --the new Arthur Russell reissue due out this month from Audika Records-- is shaping up to be one of my favorite discs from the late avant-garde genius. I'm a big fan of the cello drones he rocked, like on World of Echo, but this shift seen on new single "Maybe She," this new subdued folk sound, is impressive.

I've already covered "Close My Eyes" and "Eli" here, two more tracks from this sure to be incredible reissue, but "Maybe She" is even better. The song, with it's gentle guitar strumming and suspiciously vague lyrics about unrequited love, sounds like a bit like Tim Hardin. And really, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more straight away track from Russell, who built his career with constant experimentation and constant style changes, though this simple little ditty, with its stripped down manner, is easily on par with great songs like "A Little Lost."

And hey, why have you not seen Wild Combination, the documentary about Russell's life, yet? The trailer is after the jump, and please, go track down the movie: it captures the life of Russell very eloquently, and is required viewing for those who have never even heard the man's name before.