Hey CrimeStoppers
Keep your eyes peeled for the missing instruments of local musician Anne Adams (Grey Anne), who was the victim of theft sometime yesterday. If you have any info on the items listed before, or it was you who stole them and now you want to make a tearful confession, please email her.

I have lost the following musical gear today, and it seems it was lifted out of my car. If you see it turn up anywhere, notify me and/or authorities.

1) Off-white/yellow Luna hollow-body electric guitar with f-holes in a black case with a red Where The Wild Things Are monster sewn on it.

2) Busted up accordion with one brown tooth, and one wire-fixed strap. Blue straps. A busted case with blue velvet inside that says the following on one side in gold ink: "She seemed to throw off heat like a big iron radiator. She was appallingly human. - Vonnegut"

3) Boss 20 looping pedal--originally in a gold-and-white checked square zip-up cosmetic case.

4) bag of cords, with stickers with my face on them (so they wouldn't get lost.) Bag is blue and white zip-up with blue handles and kittens on it.

5) Pretty busted Shure microphone.

If you want, pass this along to other Portland music people. And if you see these instruments or their cases, or if somebody tries to consign them, I guess call cops. And email me.

I need this stuff to play shows. I'm so, so sad.