So I've been listening to the new song from Lukestar for a couple weeks now without realizing there aren't any females in the band.

But sure enough, there aren't. Look:
lukestar.jpgNot only aren't there any females in the band, judging from this picture I doubt that any actual females have been within a 10 block radius of these guys.

I kid, I kid! It's not their fault. They're European--Norwegian to be precise. But take a listen to this song:


Lukestar - "White Shade"

I very much doubt the reason I like this song has anything to do with my deep and enduring love for this similarly titled song, but perhaps it indicates a somewhat alarming tendency towards songs sung by grown men who sound like tiny children. (See also: Azeda Booth, Death Vessel). At any rate, Lukestar's album Lake Toba sees a stateside release today on Flameshovel Records, and if you like "White Shade," you might also want to check out the partly-animated video for the title track: