If you like loud, dirty, raucous rock and roll, you're in for it Saturday at the Twilight, as described by Toby Carroll in this weeks paper:


(Twilight Café and Bar, 1420 SE Powell) Ominous and catchy, lo-fi and expansive, New York's Woods land firmly in the outsider school of indie rock. This is heady stuff, less concerned with the perfect hook—though their hooks can indeed be memorable—and more with constructing dense, obtuse sonic structures. (Or, the concise version: Remember when indie rock felt weird? This band does.) Experimental without heading into psychedelia, the band is equally comfortable making noisy pop and delving into tape-loop explorations. TOBIAS CARROLL

There's something I'd like to add: Don't miss The Blimp, four all out weirdoes from Eugene, led by Lucas Gunn, little brother of The Hunches guitarist, Chris. The Blimp are virtuosic thrashers. Gunn studied guitar under Captain Beefheart's Zoot Horn Rolo and it shows. That said, they burn hotter and brighter, less on the jazzy end, more on the standing in a trash can or on top of a number of un-eaten pizzas angle. The drummer is a real maniac and they're all loud as fuck. Add theremin, maybe a little trumpet, some dissonance and some classic, stomping rock and you're in for some inner-ear damage--dudes who truly could give a shit about what you think of them. Thankfully, what they're doing is pretty fucking awesome.

Plus there's Meth Teeth's prog and Eat Skull's buzzy two-chord whomping. So if you like guitars, cheap beer drunks and volume, what more could you ask for?