Capgun Coup and the interior of their van, pre-explosion

Saturday's show at the Artistery with Capgun Coup and the Land of Milk and Honey has been cancelled. Apparently, Capgun Coup's tour van "exploded," so they sadly will be unable to play on the 15th. (Hopefully only a tiny portion of the van exploded and not the whole thing... or, if the whole thing did explode, I hope the band had a chance to watch it happen because that would have been awesome to see.) This is a bummer since I always loved those Omaha basement rockers and was looking forward to seeing them in a non-club setting. Their inventive and sprawling debut, Brought to You by Nebraskafish, still holds continual surprises over a year after its release. The Coup is a good bit grubbier than their Team Love labelmates, sprinkling Pavement pop and Buzzcocks punk with junk-folk interludes, at all times threatening to veer off the tracks completely. If it's a little nerve-wracking to hear them shamble their way through a set, the songs are consistently fantastic, with off-kilter lyrics, leaping melodies, and a joyously uncontrived vibe. Initially fumbling under its own gravity, "Social Security Number" eventually knocks it out of the park with hoarse screaming and goofy lyrics, while "My Tears Cure Cancer" dresses the bones of a '60s girl-group number in modern adolescent romanticism. If Capgun Coup's sloppiness is the first thing you notice, the pop pleasures hidden beneath are richly rewarding and entirely addicting. But we won't get a live set this time around; we'll just have to make do with the record for now.


Capgun Coup - "My Tears Cure Cancer"