I very well might have already posted this video months ago when Los Angeles' the Little Ones passed through our town, but since I wear the blog crown (it's more of a sparkly tiara, actually) around these parts, I am posting it again.

This Terri Timely (who has also done videos for Portland transplants Laura Veirs and Modest Mouse) directed video for the band's simple-yet-compelling single, "Ordinary Song," stands rooted in the shadow of Wes Anderson, as you watch the (ordinary) song travel from the recording studio, to radio towers, to bedroom stereos, and just about everywhere else in between.

The frantically rotating sets contribute to the chaos of the video, plus by piping in the outside noise (especially the radio static and crickets chirping) of each shot, it better incorporates the visual elements of the clip with the song itself. Basically, it's just the best music video I've seen in quite some time.

The Little Ones spread the pop goodness tonight at the Doug Fir.