Sure, you could shell out $75,000 to get T-Pain to guest on your next single. Same goes for Lil' Wayne. For $85,000 Scott Storch (AKA King Douche) will make you a beat--that is, if you're a poor, broke-ass pussy. Oil Royalty, however, expects better.

Bahrainian prince Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa takes this shit more seriously. He "loaned" Michael Jackson $2.2 million and in return got Michael to sing a track he wrote. Now that's ballin'.

At the time Jackson needed money to fight the kid-sex lawsuit and Al Khalifa was there to take advantage. Jackson says the money it was a gift, Al Khalifa a loan. Either way, now we know what it costs to get Jacko onboard. As he goes deeper into debt, we may see the price drop. Neverland ranch was just sold, by the way.

Al Khalifa is suing Jacko and the song is to be played at the trial as evidence. What it proves, I don't know, other than Jackson is stuck in bad, bad way.

But shit, I can't wait until I get fucking Michael Jackson guest-singing on one of my home-recorded bedroom tracks. Or maybe in the studio with our band. Hell yeah... I mean, HEEE-HEEEIOU!