If you're anything like me, the upcoming archival live disc from Neil Young, Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968, is already on your Christmas list. It's part of his archival series, and one of his very first live solo shows. Thankfully, a recording of it exists in full. He recorded it on a Sony tape recorder, and put the recording of "Sugar Mountain" on a few B-sides and on the Decade compilation. Anyway, the other two releases in Young's Performance Archive Series have been sterling (the 1970 Crazy Horse at the Fillmore set, and the 1971 Massey Hall set), so anticipation for this set is high, especially since the multi-volume Archives set has been postponed until next year.

Thanks to NPR, you can hear Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968 in full. Just click here; the whole thing is streaming. It's good, and more than a little goofy; I think it's safe to assume everyone in 1968 (particularly Canterbury House's emcee) was stoned and nerdy. Young does some Buffalo Springfield tunes, some from his first self-titled album (including the lousy "Last Trip to Tulsa"--talk about stoned and nerdy), and a couple new ones. Check it out.