Hot damn! In what is the greatest news to come across my desk in quite some time--even better the formation of this mystery band--Three Mile Pilot will be reforming for a pair of San Diego shows on January 19th and 20th.

Yes! Yes! Oh god, YES!!

Their second reunion in the past decade, the first being their 2007 one-off performance as part of the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Party, will be in honor of another anniversary, the 20th year of business for seminal San Diego institution, The Casbah.

Here is the part of this blog post where I ponder the poverty math:
No food + beer = Plane ticket to San Diego?

For those unaware of the greatness that was Three Mile Pilot, the band carved a lasting legacy from a very unconventional style of oddly-timed, yet perfectly executed, post-punk that was both distant and precise, yet still deeply emotional as well. Sadly after their split--after being run through the ringer courtesy of Geffen Records, and never finding an American following to match their fervent European draw--the band became a little-known footnote as their more recent projects--Pinback and the Black Heart Procession, respectively--eclipsed TMP in terms of popularity and sales.

If you have never heard the band, please do yourself a favor and enjoy the tracks below. And buy me a plane ticket to San Diego for their reunion shows. But I'll settle for you just listening to the songs...


Three Mile Pilot - "Kill The Racehorse"


Three Mile Pilot - "Circumcised"


Three Mile Pilot - "Sewn to Our Side"

Photo: Ted Drake