It's been awhile since I've been as completely stoked on a band as I have been this year for New York's Dub Trio. Their latest album, Another Sound is Dying, shreds the barriers between ultra-aggressive instru-metal and the improvisational world of dub reggae - an intriguing feat on its own in the studio, but Dub Trio is able to pull off the effects live as well, volleying between blistering, distorted riffs and tranced out, reverb-y Rasta strums.

And not only is the band finally receiving their own necessary oohs and ahhs, but they've individually wiggled into a chameleonic realm, having contributed studio and touring work for Mike Patton's Peeping Tom. Further, bassist Stu Brooks has contributed to albums by 50 Cent, Tupac Shakur, Slick Rick, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Mobb Deep and Macy Gray, while drummer Joe Tomino can be found on the current Battle of Mice album, and has parlayed his drum wizardry to a tour with the Fugees. Guitarist DP Holmes has even dropped guit knowledge on a Common album and a Mos Def album. For my buck, diversity like this isn't a dime a dozen. (Napalm Death is also apparently on their roster of collaborations...yikes)

Call them reggae, call them metal; call them whatever you want. It isn't east to unify such disparate camps of music fan, but they do it with poise. If you come to tomorrow's show at Doug Fir and disagree (they play also with Black Cobra and Middle Class Rut, 9 pm, $10, 21 and over), I give you permission to punch me lightly on the arm and tell me to fuck directly off.
In the meantime, this video sums up the band's scope: