Video via P4KTV

"Everything With You," the lead single off of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart's self-titled debut album (due out in February '09 on Slumberland Records), is on the shortlist for my favorite song of the year. Yes, it is that good. Their seamless blending of twee, C86 jangle, and garage rock is effortlessly brilliant, and it's a wonder why more bands don't sound exactly like this. But, thankfully, they don't, which makes the Pains of Being Pure at Heart all the more awesome for it.

And this video, much like everything the Pains have done to this point, is pretty unflappable. It looks like it was taken directly off of the Munch Video Compilation, which, judging by their twee roots, could very well be the case.

Keep an ear out for the Pains. I said way back in March that the band was going to be big, and I guarantee that in six months you will not be able to escape them.